Kumo x Patex x Liondub – War Start EP

Liondub are really rolling out the guns with this one and label founder and namesake Liondub is involved himself, which is when you know stuff is popping off. He’s joined by Patexx and Kumo and the trio have concocted something deeply rolling, a release which lunges out over four tunes, including two Kumo VIPs, and keeps things banging the whole way. Our pick of the bunch is Kumo’s ‘Roller Check VIP’, a double-kick laden stomper that keeps things punchy in the percussion and twisted in the low frequencies, it reminds us of Workforce’s ‘Don’t Tell’ and that’s an extremely good thing. ‘Caan Touch’ is also deliciously funky whilst keeping thins heavy, a tough balance to strike and one well struck here.
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